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The Modern Trend Toward More Efficient Use of Capital

Associated Leasing of Iowa Corporation is recognized as the company you can count on when creative financing is needed. Associated Leasing can custom tailor leasing programs to fit any customer’s request. Our company remains a young, vibrant company. It continues to expand its traditional role of providing financial flexibility to companies searching for the best way to finance their growth and expansion, but it pursues its traditional role in a uniquely contemporary way… through the forging and shaping of whole new areas of creative services.

Associated Leasing is actively engaged in leasing all types of equipment from almost every major product line; industrial, medical, electronics, office and transportation, thereby creating a diversity of knowledge in our staff.

Associated Leasing has the financial strength to lease any size transaction. Our financing capabilities permit us to accommodate leases from $5,000.00 to the multi-millions. Our financing can include aircraft, ships, railcars, commercial vessels, printing presses, machine tools, and more. We have equipped entire hospitals with everything from beds to surgical facilities as part of our Special Project Lease Division.

We welcome your interest in our company and hope that you will allow us the opportunity to be of service to you. Please continue to our on-line application so we can process your request.

We are located:
Associated Leasing of Iowa, Corporation
(Independent Affiliate of Associated Leasing International Corporation)

3901 Twana Dr
Des Moines, Iowa 50310
Phone: 515-243-3664

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Associated Financial International Corporation
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